The future is art

4th Annual Fundraiser benefitting the Christina Seix Academy Graduates’ Fund

May 4, 2019 | Tuxedo Park, NY

Please join us For an evening exploring the fantastical world of Robotic Art, featuring renowned artists and a unique installation by the PRATT Consortium for Research and Robotics

About The Fundraiser

The CSA Annual Fundraiser is hosted at Renamor in the historic community of Tuxedo Park, New York. All proceeds from the event benefit the Christina Seix Academy Graduates' Fund.

Click here to learn more about The Christina Seix Academy's mission to provide an outstanding education to underserved students in the Trenton, NJ area.

About the CSA Graduates' Fund

The Fund’s mission is to ensure that no CSA graduate limits his or her academic and personal potential for financial reasons, filling the gap between available scholarships at their matriculated institutions and the total expenses of living and learning. We recognize that the challenge for our students evolves when they graduate CSA and begin high school. With your support, we'll make sure they have the financial and emotional resources to achieve their dreams and pay it forward.

Evening Music

“When jazz was born it was exciting and made us laugh and cry. Jazz should be the most relatable of music because it is pure human improvisation being broadcasted in real time. Our goal with this group is to not recreate the past but to explore it and mix it with the future. I want to use our original music to create that theme.” - Sweet Megg


The event is hosted in a historic mansion in the Hudson Valley area of New York, 1 hr outside of New York City and 1.5 hrs south of New Haven, CT.